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Royal Wedding

May 2008

Jericho Hairdressing was chosen as the salon to provide the hairdressing for what was to be a very special occasion, and an honour for the unsuspecting hairdressers of the salon group. Only 30 minutes before, the long term booking of 24 appointments at a local hotel to the salons, were they to know they would be preparing the grandmothers of the bride, Edith McCarthy and Ivy Kelly who were about to become relatives of the Royal family. The stylists also prepared Autumn Kelly’s goddaughter, who was to be the weddings flower girl!

Canadian Autumn Kelly and her fiancé, Peter Phillips, the 30-year-old son of Princess Anne, married at St. George's Chapel in Berkshire. Phillips, the eldest grandchild of the Queen, will be the first of her grandchildren to wed. The mother of Autumn Kelly is a hairdresser by trade in her native Montreal.

Stylists, Michaela Chapman and Amy Gemmel of Jericho Maidenhead, Leigh Swadling and Sophie Glover of Jericho Bracknell, had the privilege of representing their salon and British hairdressing to the family, on this exceptional day. Michaela Chapman said 'It was truly an amazing shock to find out suddenly who I was going to be doing the hair for, but then again, at Jericho we pride ourselves on our work so why not!'.

Alyn Davies, Director of Jericho Hairdressing group said ‘We are extremely proud to be able to be part of this special occasion and also proud that our stylists have this opportunity. My team are professionals and incomparable’. Jericho Hairdressing is a Berkshire based hairdressing group. There are salons in Maidenhead, Woodley and Bracknell.


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